SUT-1M Step-up Transformer

The MK Analogue SUT-1M builds on the development of the SUT-1L – and transfers its impressive virtues to the transmission ratios 1 : 5 and 1 : 10. Clear the stage for Denon, EMT, Audio Technica, Shelter, Clearaudio, Dynavector, Benz Micro and other fantastic cartridges with medium and higher impedances.

MK Analogue Step-up Transformer SUT-1M with phono cable 5 Pin DIN

This is how the SUT-1M ‘sounds’ in the phono chain

Our SUT-1M simply disappears. It gives free rein to the music and the characteristics of the pickup. The sound is natural, clear, tidy, direct, and supremely confident – exactly what the pickup manufacturer had in mind. The music flows, and the listener enjoys.

The SUT-1M’s design is utterly uncompromising in terms of:

Frequency Response

Phase Linearity

Dynamic Behaviour

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

‘Hum Sensitivity’

Signal Routing

MK Analogue Step-up Transformer SUT-1M – front and back

‘Perfect’ Shielding

The transformer is shielded against electromagnetic interference, but also against resonance and direct sound. So it is like a pillar, providing stability to the whole chain:

  • MU metal encapsulation for the actual transformer;
  • Brass body lined with bitumen mats surrounding the MU-metal capsule;
  • Aluminium housing lined with bitumen mats;
  • Sandwich construction: connection of the base plate with an additional stainless steel plate;
  • Sorbothane feet for decoupling from the ground.

The result: absolute serenity of the SUT-1M

Interference and noise, vibrations and microphony are no longer an issue. This gives free rein to the music signal. Furthermore, the transformer can be placed everywhere. No hum or other interference will disturb your musical experience.

‘Direct’ Premium Wiring

As for the SUT-1L, the SUT-1M offers two transformer stages: 14 dB and 20 dB voltage boost – two separate inputs are used, the signal lines are directly connected – without switch. And the number of connection points is reduced by 70 %.

We use specially manufactured and individually twisted strands as well as self-sufficient, individually shielded signal conductors with capacity reduced by 60 %.

The result: more options without compromise

The SUT-1M offers flexibility in terms of amplification and adjustment of the terminating impedance while simultaneously reducing contact and problem points (switching stages).

Fully Balanced

The pickup signal is inherently balanced, and this signal is much less susceptible to interference than an unbalanced one.

The result: come closer.

The SUT-1M ensures ‘pure’ signal transmission, placing you closer to music and the experience of pickup characteristics.

SUT-1M Step-up transformer from MK Analogue – top view with labeling

Technical data and details, price for the SUT-1M

Adapter plugs that come with the SUT-1M Step-up transformer for the perfect symbiosis with specific output voltages
Structurefully balanced
Input and transformer ratios
  • XLR 14 dB
  • XLR 20 dB
Termination impedance without matching plugs (47 kohm)
  • 14 dB – 1.880 ohm (for pickups from 0.8 to approx. 1.3 mV output voltage)
  • 20 dB – 470 ohm (for pickups from 0.3 to approx. 0.7 mV output voltage)
Frequency response
  • 10 Hz to 65.000 Hz (– 3 dB; 20 dB)
  • 10 Hz to 100.000 Hz (– 3 dB; 15 dB)
Signal-to-noise ratio115 dB (– 10 dB V)
DistortionK3 < 0,01 %  (f = 40Hz, – 10 dBV)
DC Resistance
  • 10,4 Ohm (1 : 5)
  • 2,6 OHm (1 : 10)
Output Impedance400 Ohm
FeetSorbolution (Sorbothane)
Dimensions (including feet)145 x 95 x 160 mm (width x height x depth)
Weight2.75 kg
Coloursblack, silver
Retail price incl. VAT3.190 €, including 2 pairs of matching plugs for a final impedance of 400 (14 dB), 200 (14 and 20 dB) and 100 Ohm (20 dB)

A Non-exhaustive List of Pickups That Work Very Well with the MK Analogue SUT-1M:

  • Audio Technica:  AT-33SA, AT33EV, AT ART20, ART9XI, ART9XA, OC9X-Serie, AT-33 mono, AT3 Mono
  • Benz Micro: Ace SL, Wood SL, Ruby Z, LP(-S), Glider SL, Ruby SLR Gullwing
  • Clearaudio: Talisman V2 Gold, Concerto V2, Stradivari V2, Jubilee MC, Da Vinci V2, Titanium V2, Goldfinger Statement
  • Denon: DL-103, DL-103R
  • Dynavector: Karat 17D3, 10×5 Neo MK II
  • EMT: HMD 025, HSD 006, JSD 5/6, JSD Pure, JSD VM, JSD Novel Gold/Titan
  • Goldnote: Donatello Red, Donatello Gold, Tuscany Red
  • Miyajima: Takumi L, Takumi, Waza, Carbon, Kansui, Madake, Destiny, Spirit Mono, Zero Mono, Infinitiy Mono (manche Miyajimas passen auch hervorragend zum SUT-1L, da heißt es Probieren!)
  • Shelter: 501 III MC, Harmony MC
  • Soundsmith: Hyperion MKII, Sussurro MKII, Paua MKII
  • Sumiko: Blue Point No. 3, Songbird, Starling, Celebration 40, Palo Santos Presentation
  • Van den Hul: The Crimson, The Crimson XGW, The Frog Gold, The Gran Cru, The Colibri XGW Stradivarius Signature, The Colibri XGP, The Black Crimson
MK Analogue Step-up Transformer SUT-1M with phono cable

Optional cabling

We are offering phono cabling in all variations and with best price-performance ratio. Thanks to numerous listening sessions and cable comparisons, we decided on a cable whose material, winding and shielding concept are predestined for high-end phono reproduction.

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