About MK Analogue: Personal Words from Our Chief Developer Matej Kelc…

“I built my first transformer in 1982. I was fascinated by this type of device at a very young age. How did it come to that? I love music and have always been fascinated by the audio technology behind it.

So it was no coincidence that I spent the first years of my career in the Hi-Fi and pro-audio industry: I quickly went from just a salesperson to a consultant and developer. I soon started maintaining and modifying audio equipment for my customers and others, and later I designed and built custom-made, portable mixing consoles for film sound engineers.

Soon the commercially available modules available were no longer good enough for me, so I began to develop and build my own microphone preamps. It’s not really that far from a microphone amplifier to a transformer… I made the first devices of this type in small batches in the 80s and 90s, mostly for my customers, but also for major Hi-Fi dealers and manufacturers.

In 2000 I returned to Slovenia. I had spent the first five years of my childhood there, and my love for my old homeland was unbroken. In 2005 I established a company for metal processing, with other activities added later, e.g. plastic injection moulding and wood processing.

I’ve always remained a developer at heart: among other things, I designed a pedal axle extension for bicycles that promotes a physiologically more natural foot position. It is beneficial not only for prosthesis wearers, but also for recreational cyclists, and even some professionals use it. This product is now sold worldwide by a well-known German company.

But my real passion is still music and audio technology, especially transformers that have a special place in my heart. I have perfected the circuits for this over the years, trying out every imaginable variant I learnt from my many experiments while I continuously refined my product.

Thanks to my industry contacts, I now have a reliable supplier network in Slovenia, Austria and Germany, which I can rely on for perfecting audio testing and measurement methods. Without them, the SUT-1L transformer would not have become what it is today.

The SUT-1L combines all my many years of experience in transformer manufacturing and design. Its reputation in the analogue fan circles is further testament to the ‘maturity’ of the device. I look forward to inspiring you with it in the future. Hear for yourself!

Yours, with warmest audiophile regards,

Matej Kelc

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